About Me

I Am Travis Yeargan, The Executive Information Technology & Security Problem Solver

Travis has been working in the field of Information Technology,
Security Auditing and Consulting for more than 14 years.

Travis leads the Information Technology and Consulting services
of Graylock Cybersecurity in the United States.

Travis is also a member of several Chamber of Commerce
branches globally including Dubai International.

He has been involved in a range of cybersecurity engagement teams, involving the organizational and technical aspects of Information Security.

He is also a proud member of the FBI's Infragard Program
& the United States Secret Service’s Kansas City Electronic Crimes Task Force.


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Putting your I.T. pieces together

There are devious people who spend each and every day online attacking websites for profit and sometimes just for fun.

I search your website from a hacker’s point of view for vulnerabilities and
critical bugs and provide a report & remediation consultation when I am finished.

Your website security should be your biggest concern and I make sure that it is well taken care of.

I have the experience & skill set to handle the risks that hackers, criminals, and cybersecurity threats bring to you.